Friday, July 15, 2005

Quick Northern Railfanning

I went to Bathurst yesterday and did a little railfanning-on-the-run.

The east-facing signals at McGivney were green-over-red at 0615, indicating something coming from Moncton. I assume it was train 305 (Saint John-Toronto) but I didn't stay to find out.

At Miramichi NBEC 6901 (future power for train 402 to Moncton) was snoozing in the yard, but the normal yard power was not present. There were seven empty NB Southern (!) log racks at the team track. Perhaps the wood that would normally go to UPM-Kymmene is being shipped out?

I noticed the normal yard power was parked at Ultramar, but I didn't read the numbers.

On my way back I noticed the Smurfit-Stone switcher under the highway 11 bridge at 1400, so I took the exit and went to see it. Alas, they had parked it very well and pictures were pretty much impossible. I went to the NBEC yard in Bathurst and saw NBEC 1814 shunting a bunch of empties:

Back in Miramichi at 1500, train #402 from Campbellton had apparently arrived with the SD40/C424/C424/SD40 combination, and the yard power was present too.

It was red-over-red at McGivney and I headed for home.

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