Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More on the NBSR 2318 Chase

It turns out I stopped for video 10 times while chasing NBSR 2318 West on July 23.

(11:03) The first stop was at South Bay. The video is a bit dark, alas:

Next stop was a quick one at a private crossing. This was a nice angle and I could get the train from quite a distance:

(11:15) The third stop was the overhead shot just south/east of Grand Bay where the Westfield Road crosses the tracks. I had some problems with the auto-exposure on the video camera as the bright white cars fooled the camera and the background kept going bright/dark/bright/dark.

The fourth stop was a quick one just north of Grand Bay:

By now the crew was getting used to me and I got a wave from the brakeman:

(11:27) The fifth shot was the overhead shot at Westfield Beach. It's a nice location.

(11:52) Shot 6 was north of Welsford near Clarendon. HLCX 3669 was smoking all the way by now.

(12:13) Shot 7 was at Hoyt by the hotbox detector:

(12:42) Number 8 was between Fredericton Junction and Tracy. Here I stopped to shoot the whole train because I thought I was doing my last shot.

(12:49) Of course, I got greedy and chased it a few km more. Shot 9 was at the first highway crossing after Tracy:

(12:55) The final shot was at mile 52.0, splitting the signals:

Ten video clips and five photos. Not too shabby!

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