Sunday, July 10, 2005

VIA 15 at McGivney

On Sunday July 10, David Morris and I went up to McGivney to catch the #15 Ocean. It's detouring via the Napadogan subdivision because of a derailment on the NBEC/CFMG in Trois-Pistoles. We figured it would arrive any time after 19:00.

At 18:55 I was surprised to see a hirail pickup truck approaching from the west. It was followed by two tampers, 656-29 and 621-00. The two tampers were stowed in the storage siding as we watched.

I spoke with the foreman, explaining why we were there and asking when he thought the Ocean would be by. He called the RTC and the RTC said he expected #15 to be at Bantalor in 5 minutes (this was 19:05).

The bugs had a feast while we waited...

The Ocean shot past at 19:30 with 6416 leading a Renaissance consist with (I think) Evangeline Park on the tail end. One of the two engines was smoking quite a bit! I got some video and a few snaps.

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