Thursday, July 14, 2005

Saint John Train Watching

Today (July 13) was a good day for train watching in Saint John.

On the way down, I saw NB Southern's Trakrane #151014 and flatcar 301502 unloading bundles of new ties at Westfield Beach at 08:25. I guess the CP inspection train has given them a lot of work!

At 08:55 I saw NBSR 3702 delivering 4 boxcars to the loading docks near Harbour Station.

At 09:05 CN 7015 and NBSR 3701 were shunting cars. I haven't seen CN 7015 in Saint John since November 2003. Perhaps it is replacing CN 7000 for a while?

CN 2605, 2520 and 5746 were the power from 306 from last night.

At 12:00 I caught the previous three engines, with 5746 leading, pulling a long string of potash empties from Courtenay Bay to the yard. They went all the way down to just before the Coldbrook sign at the end of the yard, then started pushing them back in the yard.

On my way out, I noticed CN 7060 working the Island Yard, and CN 305 was gone. NBSR 3702 was still at the loading docks. I guess they probably park it there during the day while the Reversing Falls bridge construction continues.

At 14:35 CN 7010 pulled four covered hopper cars east out of the NBSR yard. There were two green GP38s in the yard as well as a red CN caboose. Anyone know the number?

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