Saturday, July 09, 2005

Quebec Vacation

We took a family vacation to Quebec, and I managed to see a few trains during that time. Not nearly enough, of course!

On the way to Quebec City I saw zip for trains, alas. While in Quebec, we stayed at a motel across the street from the Chemin de fer de Charlevoix's line. Again, no trains at all. The line appears to be in use but I never saw nor heard a train.

I did see a few trains crossing the St. Lawrence River while I was at the zoo, and I saw a neat little industrial switcher down at the port. Too bad I could only see it from the highway - photography is not great at 100 kph.

While in Montreal my son and I went to Delson to see the Canadian Railway Museum, which was well worth the trip. On the way, I got a little lost and ended up next to the Quebec-Gatineau Railway's line, which happened to have a train going by. It had four engines but I couldn't get into a good shooting position in time. I saw QGRY 3102 (GP40), a mystery engine, an ex-UP engine numbered 2002, then QGRY 2501 (GP35). It was quite a long general merchandise train.

As you can see, not great pictures at all. I'll post some Delson pictures another time.

On our way back, I saw a green-over-red indicating a train was coming toward us, so when I saw the headlights just south of Levis I pulled over and took a few grab shots:

We stopped at the Salmon River Viaduct, but I'll post that later too.

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