Monday, August 01, 2005

Saint Andrews

We went to Saint Andrews today via Saint John. I didn't see much, except CN 7060 by the engine house at Island Yard and an unusual blue car near the Ocean Steel siding on Rothesay Avenue:

It's CEFX 30197, and I believe it is a steel-carrying car. There are notes in white on the two covers. One says "FIRST ON LAST OFF" and the other says "LAST ON FIRST OFF".

On our way out of Saint John at 21:30 I heard NBSR 2319 shunting in the NB Southern yard. There was some confusion about where the "four beer boxes" were.

Saint Andrews was nice. We visited Minister's Island, home of William Van Horne. It's a worthwhile visit, although there's very little from a railway perspective there.

He had an impressive house.

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