Sunday, September 25, 2005

NBSR Passenger Excursion Chase

I heard that New Brunswick Southern was running another of their passenger excursions this weekend, so Peter Gough, my kids and I went to chase them from Saint John to Welsford and back. Peter shot video and I shot video and a few stills.

1420: We first caught them just west of the NB Southern yard at the South Bay bridge:
The light wasn't great. Notice they were running NBSR 9801 long hood forward. 1423: We shot them next at a private crossing. The angle was nice from this location:  
 1431: Next we shot them at the overpass over the tracks outside Grand Bay. I used my video camera  and my still camera here:
1437: We did a quick grab shot from the highway as they passed through Grand Bay:  
1446: We were determined to get them at the Westfield Beach overpass too. As it happens, they were travelling pretty slowly so it was easy to keep ahead of them.  
1453: Next, another grab shot by the road:
1459: We went down the LaFarge road in Welsford to get this one. Nice location.  
1506: And here they are crossing highway 7 into the Welsford siding:  
1510: They uncoupled the engine and ran it down to the east end of the siding:  
1519: They then ran it up the siding past the train to the east end of the siding:  
1530: Finally, they were underway back across the highway:  
1542: I tried to get them at an S-curve. It's a great location but my fiddling with the exposure on the camera ruined the shot. The engineer gave us a toot on the horn here.  
1550: Again at the Westfield Beach overpass:

1556: We tried this location near Grand Bay because we thought the old signal masts would make a nice backdrop. I think they worked out OK:
1602: I wanted to get them in downtown Grand Bay with the static caboose as a backdrop. Alas, the trees they planted along the line ruin that shot. This was good enough: 
With that, we (and the train) went our separate ways.

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