Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Railfanning in Winnipeg

I spent the morning of October 11 railfanning, mostly camped out on the CN mainline through Winnipeg.

I arrived at 08:25 and there was a headlight in the distance, an eastbound manifest freight led by CN 2597 and CN 5762 (85 cars)

I like how I caught the reflection. It was intentional, even

Right after that freight passed, a CN work crew arrived and started working on a crossover switch. It was obvious to me that nothing would be coming for a while, so I went downtown to the CP yard. I saw a little MOW crane pushing a gondola and pulling a flatcar through the yard, and a couple of CP GP9s were working the yard at 09:49 (1587 and 1503):

These were the units I saw in the yard: CP 9302, CP 9103, CP 5398, LLPX 1502, CP 5773, CP 6010, CP 5626, CP 5687, CP 5826, CEFX 1020.

Back to CN. The work crew said they had to clear out for 11 AM, so I was hoping it was the Canadian coming through. It wasn't. 11:05 : CN 5795, CN 5274 (102 cars)

2005/10/11 11:27 : CN 5665, CN 5538. I was trying to video them threading through the diversion created by the overpass construction on highway 90.

I heard a horn blowing, which was unusual because CN doesn't blow its horn in this area. It turned out to be a northbound CP freight on the La Riviere sub crossing the diamond. 11:36 : CP 1128, CP 3028 (30 cars)

2005/10/11 11:59 : CN 5343

This train had a meet with a westbound at 12:00 : CN 5756, CN 2443, CN 1440 (113 cars)

Love those GMD1's!

Finally, one more westbound with a CP unit trailing. 12:13 : CN 5649, CP 6035 (88 cars)

Not a bad morning! Here's a video showing the trains going through the shoo-fly track.

Just One More Thing

Here are some books about Winnipeg on Amazon.


Unknown said...

You said you tried to film them near Route 90 as they went through the diversion. Do you have that video?

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Taylor, yes, most of the photos here are screen caps from video. I will see if I can put the video up. My camera is out for repair so I can't see the video until it returns.

Unknown said...

Ok, no problem.

Unknown said...

Ok, I have to ask about the videos again.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Still waiting for the repair.

Unknown said...

How about now?

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks for the reminder, Taylor! Once I finish editing the Chaleur video (in a few days, I'm almost done) I will put those up.

Unknown said...

Ok, fair enough! You're welcome and Thanks!