Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Northern N.B. observations 2006/01/10

I had a quick look at Miramichi on my way through this morning. UPM 711 was working the yard around 0950. There were a lot of cars in the plant.

At the NBEC yard, CFQC 3000 and NBEC 1840 were running around dodging snowplow 61612. They were getting out of the way for VIA 14 to come in. This was the first time I've ever seen 3000, so I was pleased it was such a nice day for photos.

SFQC 3000 and NBEC 1840 in Miramichi

NBEC 1840

NBEC snowplow

At 1006 VIA 14 rolled in with three-eyed 6420 and 6415 leading a Renaissance train. They saw a fair bit of snow on the way from Montreal!

VIA 14 with 6420 on point

Ice on a Renaissance car truck

Around 1130 I heard NBEC 587 working at the Belledune smelter but I didn't have a chance to have a look.

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