Wednesday, May 10, 2006

NB Southern's Track Crane 2006/05/09

I was traveling through Welsford yesterday afternoon when I heard the Welsford hotbox detector pipe up: "6 axles. No warnings" SIX? I guessed right away that it was a MOW vehicle. I pulled off the road at the LaFarge quarry and parked at the crossing and opened my CRHA magazine to read while I waited for the MOW vehicle. A white pickup showed up soon and a guy with an NB Southern ball cap got out and stood at the crossing. I went over to talk with him and found out that the NB Southern track crane was coming. I set up to take a little video.

Sure enough, it came motoring around the bend with an empty flatcar in tow. It "sped" right through the crossing and kept going east. Later I heard on the scanner that they were headed right into Saint John.

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