Friday, May 26, 2006

Saint John sightings 2006/05/25

I was down in Saint John yesterday and saw a few trains.

At 09:45 NBSR 3703 was shunting the Dever Road yard while some MOW equipment was working behind Moosehead Breweries and some people were doing work on the Reversing Falls bridge. In the CN yard, CN 2645 and 2662 were sitting in the usual location while CN 5775 was by itself on the other side of the engine house. CN 7000 was shunting the yard.

I went to lunch with a local railfan (who was very good company), and on our way out we noted that NBSR 3703 and CN 7010 were at the east end of the Island Yard with a transfer freight of a few boxcars, about 15 empty CN gypsum cars, and some doublestack containers.

On my way out of town I noted that 2645 and 2662 had started shunting around 1345. I heard on the scanner that 3703 had stopped at a red flag before the Reversing Falls bridge, so I set out to find them. They were stopped around the corner from the Douglas Avenue crossing. Apparently they had seen the red flag at the west end of the bridge, then backed up to clear the crossing circuit.

The red flag was soon removed and he was on his way.

I had a quick look at the Dever Road yard and saw one yellow NBSR unit by the engine house:

I saw a spot of green in the distance and it turned out to be NBSR 9803 working the west end of the yard.

That was it for one day!

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