Sunday, June 25, 2006

Data on the CP TEC train

CP 68 - 89 tons, 84 feet
CP 424993 - 55 tons, 65 feet
CP 63 - 143 tons, 86 feet

That CP 63 (the observation car) is one heavy car!

They set out from station 400 (Saint John) to station 484 (McAdam). There must be a master list of CP station numbers somewhere...
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Anonymous said...

Actually those are not CPR station numbers. Saint John was 1200 and McAdam 1250 when CP own the line.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Good to know. I guess they got a whole new set of station numbers when NBSR took over.

Anonymous said...

I believe in some of the archives they have at the station in McAdam there are subdivision books with all the cp numbers. I know Brownville was 1325, Megantic 2000, Aroostook 1600, St Stephen 1500, etc. They were putting a lot of that stuff out today to get the station ready for the tourist season.