Thursday, June 22, 2006

NBSR freight 2006/06/20

As I mentioned in my last post there was an eastbound freight waiting in McAdam for the CP track evaluation train to arrive. The crew from the CP train went over to the freight engines , and started shunting after the CP train went down the St. Stephen sub. They were using the beginning of the St. Stephen sub as their switching lead, because the yard tracks all had cars on them.

The train had NBSR 2319, 9802 and 2318 with the crew in 2319.

After they did a bit of switching there, they picked up a few boxcars.

I thought it was neat that many of the MMA bulkhead flats still said CP Rail on them.

The writing on the first photo says "1-800-WAH WAH". I don't know why!

I spoke at length with the very friendly engineer. He was looking forward to going back home as he had been on duty since 0630. He told me that the track geometry train created three GBO's (track slow orders) for their return trip. I guess it doesn't take long for them to transmit their findings.

They still had quite a bit of switching left to do before I left at 1530 for home. Their train had about 12-13 empty gypsum cars on it together with quite a few MM&A bulkhead flats.

I'll leave you with a "how to take a terrible picture" shot. This was against the light with the station obscuring part of the loco. Notice the transformer sprouting from the top of the locomotive. NOT one of my best shots. :)

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