Thursday, July 13, 2006

CN 305 today

CN 305 was in Moncton's Gordon Yard this morning (July 13) at 06:00 performing a brake test. The SBU dumped the air from the train, so a new SBU was attached and the brake test was completed successfully by 06:15. I didn't hang around to see it leave but it had 3 units on the head end (CN 24xx (2418?), another 24xx, and a smaller unit, perhaps a GP38) and quite a long train.

There were two GP38s in the yard near the former tower. The Delong Drive dirt road is in great shape for most of the way along the yard but even at 06:00 there was truck traffic.

No sign of CN 149 - I assume it had not arrived yet. There was a string of loaded doublestacks alongside the dirt road that workers were loading containers onto.

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