Friday, July 07, 2006

Pulp transload car in McAdam

I recently had the opportunity to see the interior of the NB Southern pulp transload car in McAdam. I blogged about this earlier - basically it is a static boxcar used to transload pulp from Nackawic from trucks to boxcars on an adjacent track.

Here's the whole car, showing the open door with a forklift inside. There are several propane bottles to the left of the car, which I assume are used to power the forklift. You can see the boxcars to be loaded on the track behind this boxcar.

Here's a view of the forklift, with the folded-up loading ramps in front.

This boxcar used to be CP 52296.

Here's a view of the pulp loads. The adjacent boxcar is MMA 20242.

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