Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saint John sightings 2006/07/08

My family went down to Saint John to do some shopping and spend some time on the beach, and of course I kept an eye out for trains at the same time.

At about 12:40 I saw a small NBSR transfer freight heading away from Island Yard by Harbour Station, led by a leased CN GP9 and a green NBSR unit - it looked like a GP38. Right afterward I heard some chatter between the RTC and someone, and it sounded like someone was getting their orders. It was hard to understand over the background noise in the van.

As I drove toward Rothesay Avenue I clearly heard, "OK RTC, we'll be away in about 5 minutes." That told me it was probably CN 305 to Moncton, and they were likely down getting their Tim's coffee if their departure was imminent. Sure enough, that's where they were.

CN 5645, 5696 and 5764 were the power as usual. They seemed to have a pretty short train today, with the usual mix of boxcars and tankers and a few container loads. The conductor boarded with the coffee and goodies and they started rolling at 12:45.

Later we headed for the beach by the Irving Nature Park. I heard a train blowing at 17:00 and I assume that was the eastbound freight arriving in the Dever Road yard. As we passed by the Island Yard around 17:45 I saw CN GP9 7010 and NBSR 3701 doing some shunting.

I did take a spin by the Dever Road yard around 20:15 and there were a number of green engines by the engine house. I was hoping to see 2318, and perhaps it was there, but it was too far to distinguish engine numbers.

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