Saturday, August 19, 2006

VIA in Moncton 2006/08/19

I had the good fortune to see both VIA 14 and 15 today in Moncton. My family went there to visit the Moncton Zoo for the first time. I timed our departure so we would arrive in Moncton around 11:45, and planned to have lunch at the Tim Horton's by the West End so I could watch 14 go by. As it happened 14 was late and only passed us at 12:23. 6413 and 6420 led 19 Renaissance cars and Assiniboine Park.

We fought through the country music fans assembling for the big concert tonight, and made it to the zoo. It was a great visit and the weather was great. Too bad the miniature train wasn't running. :(

I called VIA and found out that VIA 15 wasn't expected in until 17:20. We ate supper at Steve's Diner in Riverview, and as we walked to the van I figured the Ocean would be departing the station. I switched the scanner on, and sure enough someone was reporting that the main line switch was lined and locked for the normal position. They were en route!

I drove across the causeway, and ran up the slope to the tracks while switching tapes in the video camera. I arrived with not a moment to spare at 17:52 as VIA 15 went by. 6428 and CBC unit 6403 led 18 Renaissance cars and Evangeline Park.

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