Friday, September 08, 2006

Chop goes the Geep

NB Southern 3701 has been in the shop for a while, getting some work done. I was told it would emerge looking quite different, and it sure does!

NBSR 3701 chop nose

NBSR 3701 chop nose

Thanks to Dwayne Porter for giving permission for these photos to be posted, and to Steve O'Brien for passing them along. 3701 isn't finished yet. For one thing, you can see it still needs some number boards, safety stripes and so forth.

In case you're wondering what it used to look like, here it was on June 4, 2005 with the high nose.

NBSR 9803 threw a couple of pistons through the side of the block on August 21, so it will be getting 3700's engine and 3700 will be scrapped.

There's one more bit of NB Southern news... but it will have to wait a bit.

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