Friday, September 08, 2006

CN derailment in Saint John

I'm a little late with this one, but better late than never. As reported in RailsNB CN train 306 suffered a small derailment in Saint John early in the morning of September 5 at the entrance to the Courtenay Bay potash terminal. Apparently one of the engines picked the point of the switch and at least the two lead engines (Dash-9 units 2641 and 2624) went "on the ground". There is some confusion as to whether the third engine (SD75 5683) derailed or not. 5683 eventually left Saint John with 64 cars at 14:00 for Moncton, arriving at 16:50.

Several pieces of track equipment were sent from Gordon Yard in Moncton in the morning of September 5 to help fix the track.
CN Track Repair in Saint John. Photo by Ron Grant
Thanks to Ron Grant for the photos.
CN Track Repair in Saint John. Photo by Ron Grant

At 16:30 CN hi rail crane 70634 was working on the remaining two engines to rerail them and by 20:00 only one engine was still derailed. It was put back on the tracks on Wednesday the 6th. Track work continued on the 6th and was completed on the 7th. The "big hook" went back to Moncton Wednesday afternoon.

CN 306 brings loaded potash cars from Penobsquis to the potash terminal early in the morning. The power from CN 305 often runs light to the potash terminal to pick up the empties in the afternoon before assembling its train for departure to Moncton. More about 305 and 306

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