Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More detail on new NB Southern units

As reported earlier, NB Southern will be receiving two GP38-3 locomotives from CRANDIC, aka the Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railroad. These units are rebuilt GP35 units just like NB Southern's 9801, 9802 and 9803. The CRANDIC units are painted in a gray and yellow scheme reminiscent of Union Pacific's colours, and are numbered 110-112 or 114. At this time I don't know which particular units will be shipped to NBSR.

Here are some photos: 114 and sisters (RailroadForums), 112 (RailPictures).

Incidentally, CRANDIC is selling a cab ride on eBay as part of a fundraiser for the United Way of East Central Iowa. Currently it is selling for US $521.11 and closes on Sunday September 24. That's an innovative fundraiser!

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Anonymous said...

I had a conversation with one of the shop managers for the NBSR today and found out that the new units are actually GP9's. Yes, GP9's. They have been paid for and will arrive before December. A lot of work is to done on them when they arrive to bring them up to "NBSR" specs and also upgrade wiring systems to suppor new electronics and cab heaters. They still use the water heated cabs.

Christopher Howard
Railflyer Model Prototypes Inc.