Friday, November 03, 2006

VIAs in Nova Scotia

I shot VIA 14 at Amherst today at 13:07. VIA 6415 led Loto-Quebec 6414 and a Renaissance consist with no Park car.

A lot of railfans don't like the Loto-Quebec look. I don't know - I could take it or leave it. At least it's something different.

Later, I heard on the CBC that a VIA train hit a car at Brookfield, NS. I passed by there at 15:22 on the TCH. From the highway I could see VIA 15 was stopped past the crossing, and the CN local (headed by an SD40?) was trapped on the cement spur. I understand VIA 6411, the Operation Lifesaver unit, was the leader. Isn't that ironic...don't you think?

Fortunately both women in the car survived.

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