Thursday, December 21, 2006

NBEC railfanning Wednesday

After checking out of my hotel in Campbellton Wednesday morning, I drove over to the yard to see what was going on. At 07:30 CFQC 4202, NBEC 4210, and CFMG 690x were shunting as train 591 (Dalhousie shunter). I'm not sure why they were using that train number.

I hit the road and finished my work. On my way south toward Bathurst I stopped at Jacquet River to get a few photos of the VIA station there.

There was nothing in the Bathurst yard at 11:00 except for a ballast regulator.

I was wondering where southbound freight NBEC 402 was. I would have expected it to be in Bathurst at 11:00. I assumed that since it didn't have to wait for VIA 14 (it being Wednesday) it went early and was already on the way to Miramichi.

When I arrived in Miramichi shortly after noon, I heard NBEC train 578 (shunter) doing some shunting somewhere. NBEC 402 was nowhere to be found, CFMG 6903 was idling away, and a worker was doing some work on a switch.

I then realized that I was ahead of 402 and it would not be in for a while. I didn't have time to hang around, so I headed out. On my way out of town I saw NBEC 1854 and 1866 shunting at UPM at 12:38.

That was it!

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