Monday, April 09, 2007

Devco lives on

I was flipping through my archive of railway magazines, looking for an article on the Crandic I know I read, when I stumbled across an article about the Louisville & Indiana in the July 2006 TRAINS magazine. On page 46 there is a picture of the Columbus-Jeffersonville Turn with two ex-Devco units - 220 and 221. Sure, they're lettered for the L&I but they are unmistakably Devco units. There's a nose photo of 220 at the end of the article that confirms it, with the little dip of the yellow stripe in the center of the nose. Probably most of my readers knew this already but I didn't. :)

Another ex-Devco unit, NBSR 2318, westbound at Welsford on 2005/07/23.

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