Monday, April 02, 2007

NBSR 9801 East on Saturday

I took my two youngest kids to McAdam on Saturday to see the NB Southern eastbound freight. We left Fredericton at 13:00 and entered McAdam town limits at 14:00 precisely. I had heard that the eastbound had left Brownville Junction at around 10:00 but it was nowhere to be seen when I arrived. I got some ice cream and headed down to the Maine border to wait. After enjoying our ice cream and waiting in the cold, we decided to head back to McAdam.

It wasn't until just after 15:00 that I heard someone calling the RTC on the scanner. We headed back toward the border, and saw the eastbound about halfway between McAdam and the border. A quick three-point turn on the road led us back to the yard entrance, where I taped them at 15:12.

NBSR 9801 East had 9801, 2610, 2319 and 2318 with 58 cars: 1 bulkhead flat, 5 boxcars, 1 empty centerbeam flat, 4 boxcars, 1 mty c/b flat, 1 boxcar, 4 Procor tank cars, 4 boxcars, 3 mty c/b flats, 8 autoracks, 10 tank cars, and 16 loaded woodchip cars.

We watched them do their drop in the yard and make a small pickup.

As they were preparing to leave, I decided to try a different photo angle. I went up to the church near the highway and shot this from the back parking lot. I like the angle but there's a lot of clutter in the photo.

They left at 15:47 but I was already on my way. I wanted to catch them at Harvey Lake so I needed to be away before them. As it turns out, I had lots of time. It wasn't until 16:25 that they showed up.

They had picked up 3 covered hoppers, and dropped the first 10 cars from the head end, leaving 51 cars on the train.

Once the last woodchip car rounded the bend, that was it.

Video to come soon.

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