Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another Dave Dineen NB Southern chase

Dave Dineen chased the NBSR eastbound freight again on Saturday, April 28 from Fredericton Junction toward Saint John. He has added more photos to his NBSR gallery.

085, 088 and I think 089 show the train approaching the Welsford highway crossing.

The train had NBSR 9802 and 2610 leading with what looks like 2318 and 9801 trailing.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Steve. Went by the rail yard a bit earlier this morning here in McAdam and noticed the 2612. I haven't noticed it before so it must have made it's maiden voyage to McAdam some time last night. Unfortunately it was shut down with all doors to the engine open and two mechanics working on it. Not a good sign! Jody

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Jody, is 2612 in green?

Too bad it is not working well. I wonder if it came up by itself or as part of the westbound freight.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is in green. I just drove by the railyard on the way home from school and it's gone. Probably went on the east freight. Only the 9801 is there and that's off the south freight. I suspect the 2612 was on the westbound freight last night. Today it was sitting with a string of cars that had been set off in the yard.