Friday, May 11, 2007

Derailment on CN

CN 308 derailed near St. Leonard, NB at 4:20 PM Thursday, putting about 55 cars on the ground. The train had 62 loads and 71 empty cars. The derailed cars include two LPG cars and two acid residue cars, but no leaks are reported.

There are rumours of detours over the CFMG/NBEC. Someone reported that the next CN 308 will detour.

CBC news story


Anonymous said...

"acid residue" sounds nasty

Dave P

Canadian Train Geek said...

It sounds nasty but it really isn't. It means the tank car used to contain acid, but the car was drained and there is only a bit at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

drc CN went through bathurtst at 415pm with 3 or 4 locos ! towards cambellton may 11 07

Anonymous said...

please keep a timeschedule up on the blog if possible so we can get pics of cn on the newcastle sub!? thanks for the info steve!