Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Maintenance Day

I've been travelling to a plant outside Saint John the past couple of days, but I haven't seen any trains. Today, though, I saw train-like things, if that counts.

I heard a lot of MOW chatter as I was driving home, so I took the Grand Bay road home. I stopped to take a new photo of the caboose in Grand Bay.

As I turned away from the caboose, a blonde leaned out of a passing car and yelled, "... nice caboose!" I'm pretty sure she was saying "you have a nice caboose" but I could be wrong.

I heard foreman S.P. talking with the RTC, who said the eastbound left McAdam at 13:40. I was pretty excited, since it was 15:00 when I heard that, so the eastbound should be coming through Welsford any time, right? Right?


I quickly realized that the NB Southern RTC always talks in Eastern time, not Atlantic, so the times he mentions are an hour behind. Why? I don't know.

Anyway, it turns out there was quite a MOW crew in the siding at Westfield Beach.

The new Nordco machine was there. What the heck does this thing do?

By the way, I created a new photo album for NB Southern maintenance-of-way equipment.

I didn't have time to hang around to wait for the eastbound, so I headed home without seeing a train. Pity - it was a lovely day for photographs.

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Anonymous said...

The machine is a Tie exchanger. Go here for the specs on it.

Ken Jones Jr.
Niagara Falls Railway Museum