Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More YouTube videos

While I was shoveling dirt on Sunday (June 10), Kevin G was shooting video in the Moncton-Amherst area and putting them on YouTube. Who was having more fun?

Here is VIA 14 at Shediac Road, proceeding very slowly for some reason. Kevin has a different shot this time, which I think works a lot better than just showing the train going through the crossing from afar. 14 had 6421 and 6405 with 15 Ren cars

Here is VIA 15 with 6409 and 6424 arriving at Amherst.

Kevin got CN/WC 6941 working at Gort while waiting for VIA 15.

And VIA 15 at Gort on its way out of Moncton.

Thanks, Kevin!

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