Saturday, June 23, 2007

Trains in Moncton

I was in Moncton today on my way to the Open House at the New Brunswick Railway Museum, and I happened to see a few trains on the way.

CN 6021 was zipping around in Gordon Yard at about 11:40 this morning.

CN 4727 and 4729 were resting. I saw what looked like 4709 and 4719 behind them with a 4xxx GP9.

VIA 14 came in a little late with 6427 and 6405 leading a Renaissance
train, with Evangeline Park bringing up the markers. It arrived at what
used to be West End at 12:04 after stopping at a red light at Marsh
Junction for some reason. I saw the new signals by the station and of
course the West End sign and signals are down.

When I was leaving the Moncton area around 3 PM, I heard the Springhill
RTC having a big discussion with CN 307 about where they would meet VIA
15. They decided to have the 9000 foot 307 stop in Amherst, pull ahead
a bit and let 15 into the station track, then back up to let 15 out.
Apparently they were a bit too long for the 8900? foot siding there.


Anonymous said...

Ah! Waddya gonna do when your almost 2 miles long?

Canadian Train Geek said...

It's hard to find a parking space when you're that big!