Sunday, July 22, 2007

CP train still in Saint John

As you can see, the CP train was in front of the NB Southern shops at their Dever Road yard in Saint John.

NBSR 2318, 2319, 2612 and another unit are beside them.

To the left you can see the passenger excursion train, and behind that the corpse of NBSR 3700.


Adam p. said...

Was there an eastbound or westbound NBSR freight today(Sunday)? I was in Saint John on Sunday morning and I got a shot of NBSR 9803, 9802 and 9801 working behind Moosehead breweries and the pulp mill and at around the same time in your shot above you got 4 different geep's hanging around the yard. Doesn't leave much power for mainline freight:)

Canadian Train Geek said...

NB Southern freights run 6 days a week. There is usually no westbound Saturday night and therefore no eastbound Sunday afternoon.

So from Saturday evening to Sunday evening all of NBSR's power is in Saint John.

Adam p. said...

OK that makes sense. Thanks for the help.