Saturday, July 28, 2007

NB Southern Eastbound Today

It looked like a nice day for railfanning, so I packed the three kids in the van and headed for McAdam. I heard the eastbound was arriving at about 14:00, and when I crossed town limits at 14:10 I heard chatter on the scanner. NBSR 2319 East was in town and doing a little shunting. They had 2612 and 2317 as well.

They had already dropped their 4 cars, and were in the midst of picking up NBSR 2318. Once they got that, they picked up 13? empty gypsum cars before backing onto the 10 boxcars they brought from Maine. This short train left McAdam at 14:35. I shot them at the highway crossing with my Canon still camera, through the bug-encrusted windshield. Not my best video.

We beat it to Harvey Lake to get them there. There was a large family at the picnic table out on the spit, and I'm sure they gave me a few odd looks as I rushed out there with kids and camera equipment. They confirmed that no train had been by yet. Whew. I set up the tripod and within a few minutes NBSR 2319 East rolled by. I shot stills blind while panning the video camera. I needed to do some serious horizon levelling!

Notice I clipped the photos from RailPictures' (rejected) list.

I also got to meet a friend I've corresponded with for quite some time but never met before. Good to see you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve! Nice pics and story! A question for you, are the DB's on the 2612 and 2610 active? Thanks!
Charles H

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Charles, I don't know but I will find out and post it in my blog. Thanks for asking.