Sunday, July 01, 2007

Various Sightings

First off, happy Canada Day! Or as old farts like me say, Dominion Day.

Danny McCracken called yesterday and left a message that the NB Southern excursion train would be leaving Saint John today (Canada Day) at 7 AM to proceed to McAdam for the 11 AM excursion run to Harvey.

He also mentioned that the eastbound train departed McAdam at 15:10 with NBSR 9801, 9802, 2612 and 2318. Thanks, Danny!

I would have liked to chase the excursion train on its way to McAdam this morning, but I had to take my mom to Moncton to fly out at 06:15. When I left the airport at 05:30 I flipped on the scanner and I heard someone talking French to the Napadogan RTC. My French is not great but I heard them reading the number of loads and empties so I figured it was a departing westbound. At that time of the morning it had to be CN 305.

I decided to go to Berry Mills and see if I could get them before they went by. I parked there and waited, and soon I heard them call the Lutes station sign, then at 05:58 I saw them on the long straightaway. Soon CN 2574, 5313 and 2589 went by with a whopping 123 cars. No DPU, by the way.

I knew it was going to be a blur shot when my camera wanted to do a shutter speed of 1/60 second at ISO 200. Just not enough light...

After that, I went to Gordon Yard to see what was happening... zilch. These were the units in the yard: CN 6007, CN 4729, CN 4727, CN 4012, CN 4719.

Have fun today!

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