Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CP 4563 coming to New Brunswick today

CP 4563, the MLW unit coming to McAdam for this coming Saturday's event, is on the NB Southern eastbound freight. It is currently in Mattawamkeag and should be in McAdam by 15:00. I'm told it will probably be stored on the stub track by the dam until Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Steve. Yes it did arrive and at about 1500 too. I had a class going around the pond nature trail and what a glorious sight it was to look across the water and see a bright red Cp Rail engine in front of the old cpr station. Brought back some great memories. Presently they have it stored in the hill yard with the other local traffic. Jody

Canadian Train Geek said...

Good to hear the time was right. ;)

I assume you mean west of the station if you are talking about the hill yard. Can it be photographed there or are there freight cars in the way?

Anonymous said...

Yes up past the west end of the station. That was what they called the yard there in the "old days" when there were many more tracks. I know I was a car checker and it was a long walk back and forth! Right now it can be photographed easily for either side or the front. There are cars on the track beside it but they are pushed back. There were already a couple of guys there today photographing it. I think they were with a bus tour of the station.