Sunday, October 07, 2007

Aroostook Station

To complete my little tour of old railway stations, here is the station at Aroostook. I first visited this station on July 1, 2005. The grass around it was starting to get long but the station itself appeared to be in good shape.

Here is the same view from August 12, 2007.

You can see the weeds are taking over, especially in the next shot.

However, the roof is intact, a major difference from the Fredericton station. As it happens, when I was there in August one of the plywood panels covering a door was missing, so it was easy to look inside.

The previous and the next shot are of the main floor. You can see that the station has been visited inside quite a few times, but it is essentially intact and there is no water damage.

The next shot shows the basement, again confirming there is no water inside.

So far Aroostook looks very salvagable, if someone would take an interest.

EDIT: Here is a photo from July 3, 1980 showing the Aroostook station, looking north. Photo by Art Clowes.


Stamatia said...

I checked it out last spring, I think - my grandfather worked there all his life and I'd never been, so I wanted to see it for myself, as you can't quite see it from Main St and my mother had never taken me down in, probably because she didn't want to see what it looked like. It still appears to be in OK shape, the roof is holding, the trees are even higher around it but I suppose that might keep kids out? They were bare when I went, so I could see the building. Lots of holes in the siding but seemed otherwise ok.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks for the update! I haven't been back there for many years and I've been curious what condition the station is in. I'm glad it is still holding up.

Anonymous said...

I was there in 2015 and made this video of it.