Monday, October 22, 2007

Fredericton Station Photographs

Here are some photos of the Fredericton station I took today (October 22). All of the shots are taken from outside the fence, with my camera phone stuck between the wires.

A view of the north side of the station. Even in this small picture you can see the roof damage. The tower in the middle of the station is actually part of the former Hartt Shoe Factory across York Street.

The south side of the station, highly exposed to anyone traveling on York Street. The very sad shape of the roof on the main part of the station is very obvious. Most of the awning is in terrible shape.

The only reason more of the awning hasn't collapsed is the series of 2x4 boards propping it up, seen here.

Another view of the station, from the lineup to the bottle recycle building.

The brickwork has begun to crumble on the freight shed portion of the building.

Save our station!

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