Sunday, October 14, 2007

McAdam Saturday

I had the railfan itch, so I went to McAdam on Saturday (the 13th) with my two youngest kids to see the NB Southern eastbound freight. It was a cloudy day, but fortunately it did not rain.

I had been told the eastbound left Mattawamkeag at 11:45 our time, so with the 2 hour transit time it would be in McAdam at 13:45. True to form, when I arrived at that time the freight had just arrived. NBSR 2319, 2612, 9802, and 2317 were the power. They made a drop of 2 boxcars and 3 empty centerbeam flats (all MM&A) and no pickup.

Gary Lee was there taking video.

Jody and his kids showed up to see the freight roll out at 14:00 on the dot. I taped it leaving, then loaded the kids in the van and headed out.

My initial plan was to go to Harvey Lake to catch the fall colours, but as I approached I realized I probably would not have time to get there. I knew the engineer on this train didn't waste time going to Saint John, plus I had a late start from McAdam. Instead, I elected to go to the Harvey siding and get him there after the crossing. In retrospect, my decision to go to Harvey was correct but I should have shot at the other side of the crossing where the colours were much brighter.

He rolled through at 14:34 with the four units and 31 cars, at least half of which were woodchip cars.

We spent some time in Harvey looking at the NBSR crane and flatcars in the siding, then headed home to Fredericton and ice cream.

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