Monday, October 15, 2007

New videos

Jammin' Joel Scott posted a video of CN 405 going through Rothesay on Saturday the 13th. The video features CN 5757, 2454, and 5786 with 120 cars.

On the same day Kevin G caught VIA 14 at Sackville with VIA 6431 and 6425 with 15 Renaissance cars and one of the last Park cars of the season.

This one is in Quebec, but the foliage is great!


Anonymous said...

Let me guess, the numbers of CN 305, 306, 307 and 308 are changed to CN 405, 406, 407 and 408.

Canadian Train Geek said...

The CN train between Saint John and Moncton is now 405 and 406. The CN train between Moncton and Dartmouth is now 407 and 408.

Between Moncton and Montreal, the trains are still 305, 306, 307, 308.

Anonymous said...

Oh ok, thanks