Monday, October 29, 2007

New videos

Dave Dineen posted a video of NB Southern units taking a container train through Saint John. The train had NBSR 2610, 2319, 3701 and 3702 on it with 33 cars. Check out his blog for a description of the chase.

Kevin G was busy on the weekend chasing trains. First we see CN 534 going past the VIA station in Moncton with a couple of GP38s on the head end.

Next, VIA 14 at the Painsec Junction road crossing with the Operation Lifesaver unit (6411) leading.

Here's VIA 14 arriving at the Sackville station. Nice light in this shot.

Finally, VIA 15 arrives at Amherst with 6416 and 6425.

Thanks, guys!

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