Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saint John Friday

Quick notes...

Around 9:30 AM I saw CN 7000 shunting Island Yard. Here they are behind Crosby Molasses on Rothesay Avenue.

NBSR 9803 and, I think, an SW1200 were at the east end of Island Yard.

Just before noon, I saw shiny new SD70M-2 CN 8807 with CN 2625 at the wye near Island Yard. It appeared they had just finished turning on the wye, and they headed off to the Courtenay Bay potash terminal to get some empties.

Over at the Dever Road yard, NBSR 2319 and 2610 were drilling the east end of the yard.

Later, I saw NBSR 2318, 2612, and 9802 lead the eastbound into Saint John with 28 cars, about half of which were woodchip cars. This was at about 16:30. I hope to post that video later.

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