Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday Trains in Nova Scotia

I'm in Halifax this weekend, so the kids and I went out Saturday to see some trains. Fairview was empty but I saw a headlight at Rockingham at 9:45. It turned out to be CN 148 sitting at the yard office. It had 5736, 8827 and 4711. I had to hold my camera up over the fence to take this (poor) shot:

Oooh, shiny:

No sign of CN 120, so we went to the train show at the Dartmouth Sportsplex. I'll post photos of that later.

Later, we decided to go to Milford to see the stainless VIA 15. On our way through Bedford, we passed under a very late CN 120 at 12:45. I'm guessing their presence delayed 15's departure!

I set up at Milford and waited, while the sun peeked in and out of the clouds. A couple of other railfans showed up (hi David M and Steve D!) and we chatted while waiting for the train. Finally it rounded the bend at 13:33.

That was it for the day!


Anonymous said...

I seen that SD70M-2 on the way to the station on VIA 14

Unknown said...

Great report! Good to see you on Saturday. We followed #14 to Onslow, Aulac, Lakeville and Moncton.

Unknown said...

er.. that would be #15! :-P

Canadian Train Geek said...

Good to hear Kevin!

Sounds like a good chase, mlw!