Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Perspectives

Gary Lee and Dave Dineen both taped the same train, NBSR 9802 East, from McAdam to Saint John on November 21. Gary caught it leaving McAdam and Dave picked it up at Vespra (near Tracy) and chased it to Westfield before night fell.

Here's Gary's clip showing NBSR 9802 and 2317 leaving McAdam.

The rest of the story is told here, in Dave's excellent video. Here is his description of the chase.

EDIT: Added link to Dave's commentary.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve. I have been meaning to email you for the last couple of days but something always came up. Tonight, Thursday the 29th at 7pm in the McAdam train station they are have a public screening of a documentary titled "Backtrack: Restoring the McAdam Train Station". Rogers has been working on this for the last 12-16 months and it is now ready to go. On Saturday, Dec 1st at 6:30pm there will be the tv broadcast premiere on rogers cable 10. Thought you could possibly get this out to your railway contacts. It is suppose to be very good and perhaps could give some encouragement to those working on trying to save the Fredericton station. We're hoping this will gererate even more interest in out restoration efforts and be picked up be other cable stations elsewhere. Thanks, Jody

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Jody, thanks for the tip. I had received an email from a person from Rogers about the screening but I couldn`t spare the time Thursday.

I posted about that at about the same time you commented. :)