Monday, January 07, 2008

Kevin Gaudet Visits Saint John

Kevin went a little railfan-crazy in Saint John and posted a metric buttload of videos to YouTube. ;) Here are a few of what I consider to be the best. I'd embed them here but he disabled that for some reason.

NBSR 3701 and CN 7060 local

CN 405 bringing empty potash cars back from Courtenay Bay. Watch the end of the video for a little puppy following the train around.

CN 405 stops at the end of the Saint John yard

He chased CN 405 out of Saint John on January 5. 405 had two Dash-9's for power (2652 and 2589) and 99 cars including 40 potash cars on the head end.

Stop at end of yard. Typically 405 stops by the Tim Hortons on Rothesay Avenue to "fuel up" and to get their orders before they proceed onto the main line.

Through Hampton. If I'm not mistaken Kevin was near the old station.

Near Sussex. Kevin's video camera has the same problem mine does in the dark - it can't hold focus. Still, the sound is very nice.

Thanks for the videos, Kevin!

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I removed them, due to copyright infragments.