Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Strange Visitors to McAdam

Gary Lee posted photos of two odd visitors to McAdam yesterday (January 14).

Maine Central 314 was on its way to Woodland, Maine to serve the plant there on the isolated section of Pan Am Railways (former Guilford) track.
Maine Central 314 in McAdam. Photo by Gary Lee
You can see it was snowing a bit there!

Another odd visitor was CN 7000. It is one of the three CN GP9s leased by NB Southern. These GP9s are generally used only in Saint John but on occasion they will go on the mainline to McAdam to provide additional power to the freights. They are not permitted to cross into the United States so they are left in McAdam.
CN 7000 in McAdam. Photo by Gary Lee

The only Maine Central unit I saw in McAdam was MEC 320 back on November 25, 2006.
MEC 320 in McAdam. Photo by Steve Boyko

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