Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Al from Vancouver is looking for photos of wigwags in service in the New Brunswick area (a wigwag is an old crossing signal, see images to left and right). Obviously these would be old photos as the wigwags were replaced by the flashing lights we know and love. He is especially interested in photos from Campbellton.

If you have any photos of wigwag signals you are willing to share, please comment here or email them to me at steve@theboykos.com. Thanks!

EDIT: Added photos. The image on the left is one I took at Calgary's Heritage Park. The one below is one from Al himself.

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Al said...

Thanks Steve.

I used to live near Prince William Street and Cedar Street in Campbellton in the late 1960's and remember wigwags there. Those are the pics I am looking for but would love to see any pics from Campbellton or any wigwags in Canada.

While the animation Steve posted of the wigwag is cute and catches attention (thanks Steve), I don't remember ones like that used in Canada. In fact, I am not even sure they were called wigwags in Canada (would be curious if they had a unique Canadian name!). I sent Steve a pic of the exact wigwag which is currently in a heritage park in Alberta; I also sent him an old manual for the wigwag.

Steve if there is any interest or space, maybe you could post the pic?

Thanks all esp Steve.

Al in Vancouver