Saturday, February 02, 2008

NBEC and VIA Videos from NBECMich

Michel R has posted a few videos from the Bathurst area. Welcome!

Here's NBEC 402 arriving in Bathurst with 6902 leading, on January 30 2008.

This one shows the Bathurst shunter, train 597, moving some cars around in Bathurst with NBEC 1821 on January 15 2008. It's a bit long but worth watching. I like the overhead view.

Next, two VIA videos. This one shows VIA 15 arriving in Bathurst with the Operation Lifesaver unit (6411) leading on January 5 2008.

Finally, VIA 15 leaving Bathurst on December 29 2007. It still seems weird to see a stainless steel train without a Park car on the end. It's like a sentence without a period at the end

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