Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Canon S3 IS Woes

As I hinted back in January, my Canon S3 IS digital camera died. The last photo I took was on January 19.

My camera suffered the infamous E18 error, aka "Lens Failure". It's well-known enough to have its own web site. :)

On many digital cameras, including mine, the lens extends out of the body when it is turned on. On the S3 the lens normally leaps out within a second of turning the camera on. The problem started around Christmas when it hesitated for several seconds before extending the lens. It got progressively worse until January 19, when it refused to come out at all. The camera would grumble away and then make a beep-beep noise, with the message "Lens failure, please restart" appearing on the LCD screen.

I tried replacing the batteries with fully-charged ones - no go. I looked at the E18 Repair Instructions but I wasn't willing to abuse the camera. Finally I called Canon's 1-800-OK-CANON line and talked to a live person. They advised me to send it in, so I did. It's out of warranty, alas.

I sent it via Xpresspost on February 11 and it was received at the Canon depot in Quebec on February 13. I called on the 18th and they said they had looked at it and would charge a flat fee of $149.00 plus tax and shipping. I agreed, and they had it back in my hands a week later.

I would hesitate to buy another Canon, given the number of these E18 messages that seem to plague people. Anyone out there have a similar problem?


Anonymous said...

I have a A 520 which I use alot as a "beater". It has survived quite a lot of abuse, dropping, dunking. Its case is worn and it looks its age. Same basic electronics I am told. Its keeps on ticking.

NBSRFAN said...

You have me worried now about my S3.. So far I've haven't had any problems with it.

clawbar said...

I Steve. I was in st. john thursday.brogbht the brushcutter
to vanceboro..nice trip down..
seen bob nason at macadam..he knows
you..he gave me a pic of a steam engine coming thru harvey..ill put
in a dvd of the pics ive taken over
the ;years. some go back to l976
i make slides shows of the railroad pics i hv taken and giveto
the guys i work with at not cost to them. just fun to do..i was wondering if i could put a couple of your pic in with mine since i dont get much pics of the boys arouind st.john..i know you have a copewrite..so i thouht id ask.. like to hang one up in the day room at the bunkhouse in mcadam..
ok.enjoy the day.. i thought i might see a few pics of the yard in st. john after the mishap there.
ok steve.. thanks..clawbar.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi clawbar, yes please use a few of my photos if you wish. Thanks for asking. If you want higher resolution photos, please email me at steve@theboykos.com with their names and I can send them to you.

How fast does that brushcutter go? It must have been a long trip.