Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kevin and Saint John

Kevin posted a number of videos to YouTube. Since he has disabled embedding, I will present links to what I consider to be the best ones.

One day, he chased CN 405 (CN 8847 and 2548 with 116 cars, including 40 potash cars).
Rolling through the Island Yard
Through Hampton
CN 405 near Sussex

He also followed the NB Southern local around Saint John.
NBSR 3701 and CN 7010 in East Saint John - nice little pacing shot in the middle.
NBSR 3701 and CN 7010 crossing Thorne Rothesay Avenue


Anonymous said...

2 thing I want to say about this

1. It was not Thorne Avenue, it was Rothesay Avenue, because I was behind Staples.

2. I disabled the embed because some hackers can take it and post em to dailymotion saying they did it of re-post it on youtube

Canadian Train Geek said...

I fixed the Thorne Avenue mistake, thanks for pointing that out. I've never been sure if that piece of road was Rothesay or Thorne.

Personally I don't care if someone reposts my video. I have my name and copyright in it, and if they don't care about that there's not much I can do. People can still steal the video without an embed.