Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Photos from Kevin's Saint John Adventures

Here's the best of the photos that Kevin sent me.

NBSR local rounding the corner near the former shipyard.

CN 7010 as part of the local

CN 5676 leading CN 405 as it gets potash empties at the Courtenay Bay terminal.

The next day it was CN 8847's turn to do the same.

I liked this shot of 8847 going by Staples just before Island Yard.

Finally, CN 405 blasting through Hampton on its way to Moncton.

Thanks, Kevin!

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Anonymous said...

The photos were taken by Mario (my friend), except for the to Potash terminal shots, they were the only ones I took. And it does take a load of time to get use to the SD70M-2 horn