Friday, March 14, 2008

VIA Detours Update

VIA 14 detoured on the Napadogan subdivision again this morning. It was expected into Moncton about 11 AM. No doubt VIA 15 will be detouring too.

Thursday's VIA 14 arrived in Halifax at about 18:10, almost 2 hours late.

David Othen said he heard about 1 kilometer of track was torn up, and may need up to 72 hours to fix. Apparently the five stainless steel cars derailed upright and are in good shape. No doubt they will need inspection and probably have their wheels replaced.

I wish I could go take some photos of VIA on the Napadogan but I am recovering from some minor surgery... no railfanning for the next few days!

Here's a photo from the July 2005 VIA detour. David Morris and I shot this on July 10 in McGivney.
VIA 15 in McGivney

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