Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CP in Chaplin

In August 2002 I went to Chaplin, Saskatchewan to visit my wife's relatives. Chaplin is a tiny community west of Moose Jaw (which is west of Regina), on the Canadian Pacific main line. There is a former grain elevator there, as well as an above-ground mine that does get a little rail traffic. Chaplin has a siding and I saw some meets there.

Incidentally, Chaplin used to be a division point in the steam days. There is a little depot there for the MOW crews but little else to indicate its former importance. Moose Jaw has a major CP presence, much more than Regina does.

This video shows eastbound CP 8578 and 9611 blasting through Chaplin just before 7 PM on August 18.


Brian B. said...


A great video clip....shows the efficiency of today's railroads.....containers, with Asian produced consumer goods no doubt, travelling at what, 60 to 70 mph ?

There is still a large percentage of people who think railways do not exist anymore, especially in New Brunswick ( i.e. Fredericton ) and that trucking is the only means to deliver goods.

With the continual rise of diesel fuel, I expect even greater upswings in business for rail, as has been the case in recent years.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Yes, they were certainly motoring through there.

I sure hope that the rising costs of fuel drives more traffic to rail. It only makes sense.